What is Block Therapy?
Block Therapy is a Full Body, Connective Tissue, Self Care Practice, Utilizing a rounded Block to Stretch and open the Fascia to allow blood and oxygen to reach the cells. Practiced consistently, creates releases in adhesions, allowing for better body alignment and Health.

Accelerate your Goals with Professionally Guided 1 On 1 Coaching.
FUN and Informative Block Therapy Classes With Victoria
Certified Block Therapist/Instructor

With Block on Demand, take a class anytime. Prefer the live setting with instruction and guidance, take Live Group Classes.  Say YES to Coaching with Victoria, get a Customized program, for a full mind body Transformation.

Main Benefits of Block Therapy


Eliminate Pain!

The Block Therapy Practice,accelerates healing from chronic pain to acute injuries. Adhesions in your Fascia, can seal your body out of alignment.
EliminateHeadaches, Migraines,Fibro, Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain,
PMS and Most Connective Tissue Pain, Improves Strength, Flexibility and ROM.


Melt Body Fat!

Shape your Body, Reduce your Size
Smooth Cellulite, Flatten Belly
Lift Breasts,
Flatten Scar Tissue.
Improve Skin Tone, Circulation,Digestion and Elimination.
Release Restrictions in Tissues,Causing Aging
Hydrate Skin and Hair.


Learn to Meditate!

Learn to Breathe & Connect to Cells!
Proper Diaphragmatic Breathing Increases Oxygen by up to 600%. When cells are fed and nourished, they function optimally!
Calms Mind and Body, Great for Anxiety! 

Meet Your Instructor

Victoria Goodman
Certified Block Therapist and Instructor
AKA Fascia Master

Victoria specializes in reading peoples body fascia, from 4 full length pics. She quickly finds the cause sites to address!
Victoria uses her Customized Approach to Block Therapy, with clients, with Scoliosis, Stroke, Sciatic, Fibro, Arthritis and Body Transformation, with great success. 

  • Certified Bowen Therapist, Aromatherapist
  • CFA Certified Aromatherapy Instructor 10 Yrs
  • Certified as a Block Therapy Instructor
  • Certified as a Block Therapist
  • Victoria Celebrates 30 Yrs. Holistic Therapist! 
Victoria Goodman, Block Therapist/Instructor
Carol Before and After 6 MonthsWende before and after 3 months


Before and After of 2 of my clients.
Results from 1 on 1 coaching with Victoria

Get On the block!

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Transform your Life and be Healther, Slimmer and Pain Free.


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"I found it super helpful personally & professionally, thank you for such a great class."

Leeanne S

“Victoria is always very enthusiastic, a great teacher and motivator. The energy & connection, makes a big difference in opening the body, on a deeper level. Victoria helps you with that.
So Try the Zoom Classes with Victoria!"

David Joos

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